Non destructive Testing

X-Ray and Dye penentrant testing


The company has inhouse radiography setup with the film developing facilities that follows ASTM E1742 standard. The parts are inspected as per ASTM E 155 standard. The company is capable of producing aluminium castings at Level 1 for the internal defects. Our inspectors are highly qualified and skilled to provide perfect interpretation of results. For specific requirements, the reports are maintained for upto 10 years and in some cases more. The NDT department works closely with the development team to deliver results required by customer depending on the end usage.

Radiography - X-Ray testing | Liquid Penetrant Testing

Process of Liquid Penetrant Inspection | Aluminium Casting Company

Liquid Penetrant Test

Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI) / Dye Penetrant test (DP) shows the surface defects on the castings. The parts have to be carefully cleaned before the process to give more accurate results. The liquid penetrant can be Fluorescent type ( FPI ) or @@@@ type

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