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we manufacture mainly Valve bodies, Aircraft parts, Manifolds, Rings, Flanges, Covers, Housings

Sand casting is a highly flexible form of casting that allows for the usage of recyclable and permanent patterns. Sand casting is a process used for handling high production volume processes. Sand moulds are crafted from diverse materials and the sand must be bond together using synthetic compounds such as clay or water and the moulds have to rebuilt after every casting.

Filling the mould with molten material is is a process that is gravity specific. The sand cores used for the formation of inner lining of hollow parts of the cast are formed from dry sand components. Moulds are prepared by pouring molten metal in the filling system.

Aluminium Sand Castings are used to make large parts and components. We have the expertise to handle the casting of sand moulds that are used to fabricate products and components of challenging complexities.

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