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Green Sand Aluminium Castings

This process derives its name from the presence of moisture in castings sand and is indicator of the unbaked nature of the mould. Raw sand is obtained and processed to provide a consistent distribution of grain sizing. A variety of additives such as pitch, cellulose, and silica flour are used in the process.

This process of castings offers a great deal of flexibility in pattern design and consequently in the mould design at very economical costs. At VJP, we have adapted the green sand process to mechanical and automated production methods to ensure speed and efficiency.

  • Low material costs
  • Reclaimable mould material.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Ensures strong and rigid moulds.

  • These molds are relatively inexpensive to produce, since the basic material is readily available.
  • Complex patterns can be accommodated in the in the mold design, at affordable costs.
  • Easily adapts to automated production methods.

  • Widely used in the manufacture of large, heavy castings

Aluminium Valve Body Moulding
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Aluminium Valve Body Moulding
Process Capability
Max Weight = 250 Kgs
Max Size = 1100 X 850 mm
Minimum Wall Thickness = 5 mm

Aluminum Valve Body Moulding
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Aluminum Valve Body Moulding
Process Capability
Surface Finish = 20 - 30 Microns
Casting Tolerance = 10 mm

Aluminum Motor Body Moulding
Process Capability
Economical Order Quantity = 100 Number
Casting Tolerance = ± 1 mm
Machining Allowance = 2.5 mm
Aluminium Motor Body Moulding
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Green Sand Moulding
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VJP is an industry leader in the design, development and production of Green Sand Moulding. Over the two decades since our foundation, we have established an impeccable reputation in the industry for quality & excellence.

Aided by the latest digital tools and simulation softwares, we have the capability to design and develop cost-effective prototypes in a speedy and efficient manner.

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